Nude Gnomes & Big Ben: It’s An Ice-Pick Lodge Game

Ice-Pick Lodge are restless innovators. Having previously explored a town where everybody is dying from the plague (Pathologic,) and the existential torment of The Void, the developers insist that their next game, Cargo!, is fun.
Based on the newly-released screenshots, I’d have to agree that it does look pretty damn entertaining. Not many other titles would juxtapose nude gnomes with a jaunty looking Big Ben, but not many other developers are Ice-Pick Lodge.
We’ve previously detailed what the game is going to be about (at least, as far as it’s possible to understand,) but the cheat-notes summary is that the antidote to a world plagued by anti-gravity is an element called FUN. You will play as Phlox, one of the last human beings who hasn’t been turned into a brat-like gnome – tasked with constructing a variety of bizarre machines and bringing back FUN to the land.
What would that look like, exactly? Well, a bit like the images below. Last we heard, Cargo! was due for an early 2011 release on PC.

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