Nutritious Double Fine Humble Bundle goes on sale

Nutritious Double Fine Humble Bundle goes on sale


Ok, look. The latest Humble Bundle is giving you the chance to buy Double Fine’s Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking for barely any money at all. These are great, great games and if you’ve got the time and inclination you should not hesitate to purchase them. They come with the IncGamers seal of approval™

Spend a little more cash (more than the average: about $8.00 USD as I write this,) and you’ll get Brutal Legend as well. It’s about as metal as a videogame gets without using a serrated game disc to cut your own head off.

Bump up the donation to $35.00 USD and you’ll get allll of that, plus Double Fine’s upcoming adventure Broken Age (that’s the one they Kickstarted last year.) And if you really love paying for t-shirts you can increase it to $70.00 USD and be snappily dressed for summer.

As usual, you can split your price between developer, charity and Humble themselves.

Here’s a video that will sort of explain more, but most likely just entertain you.

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