Nvidia announces the G-SYNC for serious gamers monitors

gsync monitor

Over at Nvidia they’ve been busy messing about with monitor technology and today announced the G-SYNC.

This new piece of tech will be built into monitors or a can be purchased as a module you can install yourself. The  G-SYNC. will reduce screen tearing, input lag, and stuttering for a more pleasant gaming experience according to Nvidia.

What the G-SYNC does is synchronise the monitor to the output of the GPU, instead of the GPU to the monitor eliminating the above mentioned problems. The module will not be available until later this year and will be installed in the ASUS VG248QE monitors first which will be sold by modding firms at a small cost.

If you like to tinker with your hardware then the module can be installed into a VG248QE at home and there will be instructions provided. Just make sure you know what you’re doing or you could end up with no monitor at all.

Monitors with the G-SYNC already installed won’t be available until next year but it’s worth noting that the G-SYNC is being aimed at gamers who are serious about gaming, especially eSports gamers. For the average gamer it would probably be worth waiting until you upgrade your monitor and make sure a new one has the G-SYNC already installed.

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