Nvidia CEO calls ChatGPT the ‘iPhone moment for AI’

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The discussion surrounding artificial intelligence and its role in PC gaming has grown over the years. And Nvidia is a leading force in applying AI technology. The most obvious use is for its DLSS tech, used by graphics cards like the RTX 4080, which supports many modern games. And now, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang has discussed the importance of ChatGPT.

For those unaware, ChatGPT is essentially a chatbot created by OpenAI. But it’s far more advanced than others of its kind. It launched in November 2022, and since then has impressed users with its ability to provide articulate responses to queries. Its applications are numerous, and it could eventually be used to perform complex tasks like writing code and building software. It’s by no means a perfect application as of now, though. In fact, there are plenty of limitations in its current iteration.

Even with the problems, ChatGPT is viewed as a game-changer by Nvidia. Huang spoke about the power of ChatGPT during a Q&A session at Berkeley Hass University, California. He goes on to describe the application as “the iPhone moment of artificial intelligence.” He later adds that startups using ChatGPT “could make applications that are really delightful and useful.” It’s clear that he believes that this is a huge moment for AI and its further application to technology.

Nvidia believes in the power of AI with ChatGPT

As a company, Nvidia is one of the leading companies utilizing AI for its products. So it’s no surprise that Huang believes in its potential. And ChatGPT could potentially take the complexity of computing and make engaging with it much simpler. This could then allow people across the world to create all kinds of software. From that perspective, it’s easy to see why Nvidia is excited.

Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see how AI will affect certain industries. We’ve already seen certain AI programs mimic art and graphic design, with varying levels of success. But this is where some problems occur. These AI programs need to be trained to do what they do. And in a few cases, they are trained with content that owners have not permitted.

The debate over AI and its uses in these fields is tricky. And it’s something that larger companies like Nvidia will have to be mindful of in the future when using applications like ChatGPT. Either way, it’s something that’s worth keeping a close eye on.

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