Nvidia delays all future product announcements due to the coronavirus

Nvidia rtx 40 series specs

With the entire world dealing with an unprecedented modern health crisis, Nvidia has decided to postpone all of its upcoming product reveals. In a post on the company’s official blog entitled “GTC News Can Wait”, Nvidia stated that it just isn’t the right time to share information about the latest products.

“We’re going to hold off on sharing our GTC news for now,” the company said. “That way, our employees, partners, the media and analysts who follow us, and our customers around the world can focus on staying safe and reducing the spread of the virus.”

It was two weeks ago that Nvidia announced that its GTC (GPU Technology Conference) would transition to become a digital-only event. After it changed to just news announcements coming on March 24, the company has once again shifted focus by taking further precautions to help combat the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a time to focus on our family, our friends, our community,” Nvidia said. “Our employees are working from home. Many hourly workers will not need to work but they’ll all be fully paid.”

What was delayed?

The biggest news that this will impact is the expected unveiling of Ampere, Nvidia’s next-gen GPU for the latest GeForce graphics cards. The new GPUs will come in more powerful than the previous generation of processors, with the GA102 (unofficial name) being up to 40% faster than the RTX 2080 TI. Rumors have even started, thanks to a post on a Chinese forum, that say the GA100 (unofficial name) will be up to three times faster than the upcoming Xbox Series X console from Microsoft.

Many also hoped to see the first details on the consumer iteration of the Ampere technology, the RTX 3000-series of graphics cards.

Nvidia did state that it will still have streams from various researchers and developers on the technology. However, it provided no timeframe for when those will actually take place.

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