The release of Dark Souls 3 hasn’t been free of the traditional PC technical issues, including (but not isolated to) poor performance on older Nvidia cards. Some 500 series users even discovered that rolling back to the 314.22 release gave them a decent bump in FPS.

    Today’s release of GeForce HotFix driver 364.96 may also provide an option to experiment with if you’re using an older Nvidia card. While the release notes don’t refer directly to Dark Souls 3, some of the back and forth in the thread suggests they might be worth a try.

    In response to a question (“will this driver fix the framerate issue in 600 series cards? across all games? even dark souls 3?“) from a user called ‘Shotgun Sean’, Nvidia representative Manuel Guzman replies “Yes it includes a fix for the FPS drop.”

    In a follow-up post, the same representative reiterates “This driver does fix a bug where users would see a big drop in FPS with the last two drivers.”


    Peter Parrish

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