Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti support spotted

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 12GB graphics card specs price

It’s still early on in the life cycle for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards, but there’s already information coming in about a new wave of unreleased cards from the Santa Clara, California-based company. In a recent HP driver, support for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti was spotted by Laptopvideo2go user StefanG3D.

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In addition to the RTX 3080 Ti, an RTX 3050 was also found in the HP driver, signaling a new budget-friendly graphics card coming in the future as well.


Nvidia’s pumped up GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

When officially announced, the RTX 3080 Ti is expected to have 20 GB GDDR6X memory, which is double that of the base RTX 3080. Though unconfirmed as well, the RTX 3080 Ti should boast around 10496 CUDA Cores with a boost clock of 1635 MHz. It will also have a 320-bit memory bus and a TDP of 320 watts.

When it comes to pricing, it’s all but certain the RTX 3080 Ti will cost less than the RTX 3090. However, how much less is the question. The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT retails for $999 USD, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the 3080 Ti comes in at, or around, the same price.

The RTX 3080 Ti will be the card Nvidia launches to put itself ahead of anything¬† AMD decides to come out with in the Big Navi lineup. But that’s not the only thing Nvidia apparently has up its sleeves.

As far as a release date, Videocardz claims we will see them both sometime in January 2021.

Nvidia has yet to confirm any of this information, so all of the above should still be viewed as rumor for now. That said, most of the information has been making the rounds for weeks if not months, and should be announced in the near future by the company.

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