Nvidia GTX 970 lawsuit claim deadline is tomorrow

Nvidia GTX 970 lawsuit claim deadline is tomorrow

If you live in the United States, purchased an Nvidia GTX 970, and are interested in getting the $30 class action refund, the deadline for claims is tomorrow (30 Nov). In order to submit a claim, you should head to this page and follow the outlined steps.

Have proof of purchase or some other identifying factor. In terms of what’s acceptable, the site says: “Alternatively, you may submit a Product Identification Number, which is the serial number, device identification number, part number, or other letters and/or digits embedded on the box, back, or bottom of each GPU that comprises its unique identification number, or that can be located by checking the settings for the GPU via software.”

Nvidia admitted no wrongdoing in settling the class action suit, which claimed that the GPU manufacturer misled customers over the VRAM capabilities of the card. While the GTX 970 technically had 4GB of VRAM (as advertised), 0.5 of that total was much slower than the other 3.5GB.

The lawsuit settlement means US owners of Nvidia GTX 970 cards can claim a $30 refund per card. This applies to all 970 cards bought between 1 September 2014 and 24 August 2016, from all third-party manufacturers.

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    • SLowrAM

      Thanks for the reminder guys, finally got off my duff and did that, it was super easy at least with having a claim number already. Hopefully payment will come before steam winter sale, should net me a decent game (or games) on sale.

    • Em_ptySkin

      Any new news on this? I’ve got no confirmation that they are sending checks out.

      • https://lifedocumentedvideo.com/ Life. Documented

        If you ever get any info on this, will you please respond here? I will do the same. I am in the same boat and there appears no way to get up-to-date accurate information. I filed a claim and have received nothing.

        • Em_ptySkin

          Will do. I emailed the law firm: kccllc [dot] com

          Here’s the conversation:

          Me: “I recently contacted Nvidia wondering what the status of the GTX 970 settlement was. They told me to contact this email address to find out more about that.

          The Settlement was decided on Dec. 7, 2016. The court said within 14 days Nvidia was to deposit the money with the distributor and within another 30 days the distributor was to distribute the settlement money. https://www.gtx970settlement.com/Faqs.aspx#q16 January 21st is the last day. So, what is the status of the settlement distribution?


          Them: “At this time, all claim forms and supporting documentation is under review and is being processed. We do not have an estimate for when these tasks will be completed, please try to be patient.



          My email was Jan. 19th. I’m almost sure there was some kind of legalese used to say that we get nothing. The court documents on the website say the payouts are all $1,500 and then a huge sum for the lawyers. There is nothing about $30 payments…

        • Em_ptySkin

          Also, that no gaming press has followed up is suspicious.