A persistent claim that Nvidia’s 4GB GTX 970 cards begin to struggle when Vram usage goes above 3.5GB has gathered enough momentum to make the company look into the matter.

    Evidence of various types and quality have been around since early January, without much response from Nvidia themselves. Today, at least, a moderator at the GeForce forums has said that the issue is being looked at.

    Specifically, “We are still looking into this and will have an update as soon as possible.”

    There’s an entire thread dedicated to the GTX 970’s apparent Vram woes at Guru3D, and this benchmark from Overclock.net’s forums which also appears to show the 970 suffering when trying to access the final 500MB of Vram. It seems to affect 970s across the board, from all manufacturers.

    Opinions seem to pull back and forth on threads discussing this alleged problem, with some dismissing the claims and benchmarks as inconclusive or explainable in other ways, while others insist the card has a significant hardware issue. Until Nvidia make a definitive statement on the matter, it remains unresolved.

    Peter Parrish

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