GPU market share

The GPU market is continuing to grow in 2021, with market share realigning in unsurprising ways. According to Jon Peddie Research, sales of integrated and dedicated GPUs increased by 35% in the first quarter of this year. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel also sold a combined total of 119 million units during Q1 2021.

In terms of overall GPU Market share, both AMD and Nvidia suffered a slight decrease from Q4 2021. This allowed Intel to eat up a total of 0.62% (0.12% from AMD and 0.5% from Intel) market share from both of its competitors. Of course, Intel has a large advantage thanks to its integrated graphics being present in most CPUs. However, Nvidia still stands tall with 68.18%  of all GPUs, which is still a significant improvement over its numbers from Q1 2020.


Nvidia still dominates GPU market share

Over the past quarter, AMD managed to compensate for its overall loss with dedicated graphics card offerings. The reports state that AMD benefited by a 1% increase in its dedicated GPU market share to reach 19% in Q1 2021. Nvidia still occupies the remaining 81% since there are no other competitors in the dedicated GPU market. While this is a small win for Team Red, AMD still has to make up for the 7% market share lost in 2020.

GPU market share

Due to stock shortages among other issues, AMD’s market share took a big hit in 2020 which allowed Nvidia to establish its dominance yet again. All of this could change though, as Intel will likely expand into the dedicated GPU market in the near future. According to a tweet from an Intel employee, the company’s DG2 GPUs are “right around the corner”. This move would increase Intel’s almost non-existent market share in the dedicated GPU department.

While Nvidia recently announced its heavily rumored RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti cards, AMD has been rather silent about any upcoming GPUs later this year. Just yesterday a listing for a Radeon RX 6900 XT liquid-cooled graphics card was spotted at a retailer, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

[Source: Jon Peddie Research via Tom’s Hardware]

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