Nvidia & Mojang Debuts First Looks At Ray Traced Worlds In Minecraft With Rtx1

While Mojang’s Minecraft started out with pixellated goodness and numerous worlds calling out for creativity, the sandbox building game has since transformed into a beast all its own. From ruling the streaming scene to invading the classrooms of schools, Minecraft is without a doubt one of the biggest games ever made. Now, the developers, together with Nvidia, are taking things up a notch with Minecraft with RTX.

A new coat of paint

Players on Windows 10 will soon be able to experience fully path-traced worlds. This will introduce “reflections, shadows, caustics, global illumination, and other realistic lighting effects” that are sure to impress. The additions will also interact naturally with physically based textures on the blocks themselves. Combined with ray-tracing, Minecraft with RTX‘s “per-pixel emissives, volumetric effects, and other never-before-seen sights” will bring forth a new age for Minecraft.

Practical examples

To show the power of Minecraft with RTX, creators have been tapped to create the first “custom ray-traced worlds.” As such, the likes of RazzleberriesBlockWorks, and GeminiTay have brought their brand of imagination to creations that never looked better. Designed to showcase the power of real-time raytracing, these truly make it look like a whole new game.

Nvidia has helpfully included examples with sliders for interested players to check out.

Taking full advantage of Minecraft with RTX‘s path-traced renderer, the team has also added a “physically based materials pipeline.” This allows the creation of block textures that have real-world properties. Be it a reflective texture or even full mirrors, light will react accordingly.

For those world builders with love for any Java world, Nvidia has tips for you to help with the conversion. Working together with other creators, they have curated a list of best practices to convert these worlds to the Bedrock Windows 10 Edition. This will be the foundation of the upcoming Minecraft With RTX.

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