Nvidia’s RTX 3060 has built-in cryptomining hash limiters again

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Bad news for cryptominers, as Nvidia is stepping out onto the battlefield again with new cryptomining limitations for its GeForce RTX 3060 cards. Following reports of plans being put in place, it is now confirmed that these limitations include the introduction of 30 Series GPUs that have Lite Hash Rates. The new variation of the RTX 3060 GPU has a built-in cryptomining limiter; something that will then be introduced across the RTX 30 Series family in May.

At the time of publication, the latest driver version for the RTX 3060 is 466.27, which reintroduces the cryptomining limiter, as stated by VideoCardz. Nvidia accidentally removed the limiter a few weeks ago. With this new driver now in place, all RTX 3060 graphics cards that have the GA106-302 included will be forced to run with this limiter activated.


As new GPUs are manufactured, they will have a new PCI Device ID of 2504. These measures will supposedly prevent miners from simply running an older driver version to circumvent the limiter, as the new cards will be forced to run on the current driver of 466.27 and above.

Mining and dining

While Nvidia plays gatekeeper with the cryptomining abilities of its gaming cards, AMD seeks to sway miners over to its side by not taking similar measures with its cards. Thus, for those interested in buying a new GPU for mining purposes, it seems like AMD’s options could be the better choice going forward in order to get results without fear of being stopped.

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New graphics cards continue to be in high demand for not just miners, but gamers too, with power-hungry titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator driving up interest. With the recent shortage of hardware components, however, it’s become noticeably difficult to secure new cards at MSRP. While the situation is expected to improve with time, both Nvidia and AMD products are not yet easy to come by at their true value. Perhaps more people with gaming, and not cryptomining, in mind will at least be able to get their hands on the RTX 3060 from Nvidia now though.

[Credit – VideoCardz]

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