Perhaps in an effort to erase memories of last night’s bumbling Nvidia Shield/Grid presentation, the company has today reminded PC players that it does make GPUs after all.

    At the conclusion of an Epic-run event about Unreal Engine 4, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang appeared to announce the super-powerful Titan X GPU. He stopped short of providing any actual, detailed specs – but said it had a “12GB frame buffer” and “8 billion transistors” (is that good? maybe!) Huang claimed the Titan X will be the “most powerful GPU in the world.”

    It’ll now be a case of waiting until Nvidia release full, detailed technical stats (and a price) for the new GPU. I’d imagine it’ll be more than $1,000 USD, so probably just one for the rich ultra-enthusiasts out there.

    Epic also showed a new Unreal Engine 4 demo video, which they said was using the Titan X to run it. Here’s that demo reel. It’s about some lad with a red kite, and features a lot of foliage.

    Peter Parrish

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