Nvidia Unveil Project Shield

Nvidia have unveiled Project Shield, which is a portable gaming device based on the Android OS that will also allow you to stream PC games.

The system seems to be shaping up well from what has been said so far too. It appears the device will allow users to stream all PC games to the device, including the games from your Google Play accounts and Steam accounts via Steams Big Picture Mode. Unfortunately however it seems the device will only be able to play games from the Google Play store directly its own tech and require a PC to stream the games from for Steam.

As for the tech behind the device, the system will be powered by a Tegra 4 chip and will also boast a 1280 x 720 resolution for the screen.┬áIt doesn’t stop there either, Shield will also have USB and SD Card slots and a HDMI out cable for playing on the big screen. Here’s a video of Shield streaming Need for Speed: The Run onto a 4K TV to show how well this functionality also works.

Shield is due to release Q2 2013 for now.


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