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It’s Thursday once again, which means it’s time to look into what Epic has in store for us as part of its ongoing weekly free games giveaway campaign. Right now, you can get your hands on Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast, which we covered previously. However, next week is sure to catch the attention of puzzle lovers and strategy enthusiasts. Both Obduction and Offworld Trading Company are coming to the Epic Games Store for free starting on July 15 and will be available until July 22.

These are two titles you won’t want to miss if you’re into offshoot adventures that embrace weirdness and wonder. Obduction is a 2016 title from the developers of the classic Myst franchise that takes you to an odd alien world with bits and pieces of Earth scattered throughout. Hence the pseudo-homonym between Obduction and abduction. Shoot, if it has anything invasion related, we’re always game. But there also needs to be PCs.


Developer Cyan describes Obduction as a sci-fi adventure and with 3D puzzle elements. Seeing as you’re trapped on an alien world, the story involves your journey to get home. You’ll need to pick and probe your way through each new environment to achieve your goal. Check out the trailer below to see where the adventure will take you.

Let’s get down to business

Aside from Obduction, the other free title coming to the Epic Games Store next week is Offworld Trading Company. Just like the previous mention, this is another very popular title that released in 2016. Offworld Trading Company is a strategy game at heart that takes inspiration from franchises like Civilization and other such titles. In fact, you very well may get that Civilization vibe since several prominent developers for that franchise went on to make this interstellar experience.

While Offworld Trading Company is an RTS game, it doesn’t rely on fighting to get the job done. Instead, commerce is your weapon against enemies. You’ll build bases and scavenge resources, but you’ll also need good corporate leadership and a knack for “acquiring” the critical resources to put your competitors out of business. Mars isn’t the final frontier in this game, though. There are also plenty of DLC packs you can check out if you enjoy the base game and want to experience more and support the developers.

These games will be available to claim on July 15 at 11 AM ET and the offer will expire on July 22 at 11 AM ET. Don’t wait, don’t forget. Free is as good as it gets, so stop by and claim these titles at the very least. After all, the hardware requirements mean that pretty much everyone will have a smooth experience with these games.

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