Obisidian May Be Teasing The Outer Worlds Story Dlc (2)

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds came out last year to pretty much universal acclaim. Best described as an enjoyable space outing, the game allows players to fight against corporations or join them, and had many praising it to be one of the studio’s best works yet. Of course, there can never be too much of a good thing. As soon as players were done with the main storyline, they wanted to begin more adventures in the new universe. Obsidian duly obliged, with the promise of at least two new The Outer Worlds story DLCs in the future.

Obsidian, your favorite corporation, has The Outer Worlds DLC you crave

While not much information has been revealed, it would appear that some kind of The Outer Worlds DLC is coming soon. Teasers have appeared on both the game’s official Twitter account, as well as the main site.

Obisidian May Be Teasing The Outer Worlds Story Dlc (3)

“Greetings employees of Halcyon,” the tweet read. “The Board is pleased to announce that we have been able to acquire a portion of The Outer Worlds website! Feel free to take an additional 5-minute break today to visit the website, you’ve earned it!”

Head on over and you will be treated to several advertisements for Adrena-Time. For players, it will be instantly familiar as the consumable that allows you to slow down time. However, what that entails remains a mystery, but at least things are in motion. This teaser will likely lead to more reveals in the next few weeks for The Outer Worlds story DLCIn fact, with Microsoft and Xbox preparing the next-generation showcase later this week, it would not surprise us to see The Outer Worlds make an appearance there. Whether it’s just sharing more details about the DLCs or about a next-gen upgrade, color us excited.

Obisidian May Be Teasing The Outer Worlds Story Dlc (1)

With Obsidian having been acquired by Xbox and Microsoft, everything seems to be lining up perfectly. It seems fair for fans of The Outer Worlds, to get hyped for something coming real soon.

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