As Obsidian’s kickstarted ‘Project Eternity’ RPG nears the $1.6 million USD mark (a point that will trigger development of a Mac version), Josh Sawyer has stopped by to fill out a few details about the game’s design. It’s an early stage of development, so the piece dances away from anythingtoo specific, but it should give a reasonable overview for those interested in the title’s direction.

The party size will max out at six people (including the player themselves), so up to five companions can be recruited for your travels through the world. While Obsidian wants to make it clear that the interactions and reactions of companions will make for a richer story in the long run, the article also says it’s fine, and possible, to play through the entire narrative solo if you wish. If you do opt to use a few friends, then formations can be employed for greater tactical control during the pause-and-plan style battles.

A section alluding to the catalytic event that will launch the story states that the player will witness “an extraordinary and horrific supernatural event that thrusts them into a unique and difficult circumstance”. From here, you’ll have to investigate (and deal with) what you just saw, and rid yourself of “the restless forces that follow and haunt [you]”.

For more details, have a read of the full update post. It includes a few bits and pieces about character creation and the nature of the different races within the world. You’ll also find a handy video of Josh Sawyer describing all of this (and conclude that Obsidian needs to spend a little of that $1.6 million on a new microphone for him).

Source: Obsidian Kickstarter

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