Update: Another teaser image has popped up on Twitter today. It’s another direct Pillars of Eternity reference, reinforcing the conclusion that this is leading up to a sequel announcement.

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Obsidian have published a teaser page heavily implying that an announcement of Pillars of Eternity 2 is on the way. At least, given the imagery used, I can’t imagine it being anything but a sequel (or spin-off, I suppose) to Pillars of Eternity.

The image (repeated below) shows a crossed pipe and ear of wheat on a green background, all pretty solid references to the character of Edér. His in-game portrait showed him with an ear of wheat in his mouth, and he regularly smoked a pipe.

In addition, the quote beneath (“I used to dream that when my god came back, he would forgive us. That’s the trouble with dreams. Sooner or later, we all have to wake up”) very much fits with Edér’s turmoil over the apparent “death” of his God, Eothas.

It’s no secret that Obsidian are keen to make Pillars of Eternity 2, but this looks like the lead-up to confirmation that it has progressed from ‘thing we’d like to make’ to ‘thing we are making’. A new forum on Obsidian’s site is dedicated to ‘Project Louisiana’, in-keeping with the studio’s recent tradition of naming in-development projects after US states. Tyranny, for example, was Project North Carolina.

There’s currently a Pillars of Eternity developer Q and A stream going on through their Twitch channel (it began at 4pm Pacific). Josh Sawyer hasn’t made any direct announcements on that stream as yet, but he is pointedly answering a whole lot of questions about RPG sequels and iterative design. If this blossoms into an official confirmation we’ll let you know.

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