Obsidian will aid Wasteland 2 development

The Wasteland 2 kickstarter fund has hit $2.1 million, which means that Obsidian (specifically, Chris Avellone) will now be helping out with the game. As noted in the previous news story about this, the team-up represents a kind of mini Black Isle (Planescape: Torment) reunion. With Wasteland being the 1988 precursor to Fallout in many ways, these are exciting times to be a fan of older RPGs.
There are still around ten days left to pledge money to the Wasteland 2 project (which you can do through the source link below), with every additional penny going towards expanding, improving or polishing the final game. The more the team raises, the bigger and better it can be, essentially.
Eagle-eyed readers might notice that the kickstarter fund itself (at the time of writing) is a shade below $2.1 million; but Wasteland 2 has also collected around $40,000 through PayPal as well.
Source: kickstarter.com

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