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The Game Awards just won’t stop! Say what you will about the hilariously cheesy spectacle of the whole event but there’s a lot of new footage being shown. One of the best and brightest, in my opinion, is this new official announcement trailer for Obsidian Entertainment’s next game, The Outer Worlds. This has been rumored for a while, but nothing was actually confirmed. Now, finally, we’ve got some footage to hold us over. Can I just say, there are a lot of space-related games being shown tonight?

What Is The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer The Game Awards 2018

The Outer Worlds looks like a blend of Destiny, Borderlands, and No Man’s Sky made by the team at Obsidian. You might remember them fondly for their work on Fallout: New Vegas. The new game appears to take place at the edge of the galaxy, or the… outer worlds. Oooh, I get it now.

There, you’re the only settler to have been woken up what seems to be the colony’s “doctor.” Turns out, the corporations of this setting have already gotten their greedy mitts on the land in the outer rim and they branded and flipped them almost immediately. Your goal is to rescue the rest of the settlers you were brought there with, as they’ve been essentially forgotten in the trash pile.

First Impressions

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer The Game Awards 2018

The game seems to have a comical tone, which is where I get the Borderlands comparison. Maybe that’s Private Division adding in the comedy, who knows? Either way, we’ve seen actual in-game footage which is more than I can say for most of the other trailers shown so far, so I’m excited. The facial animations and creatures we’ve seen so far are all A+. And, Obsidian has a pretty stellar track record.

How about you? Are you excited for Obsidians next title? What do you think the plot is actually about? The game is coming to consoles and Steam, how far in the future though? Who knows. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


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