Oculus Rift at its lowest price yet with holiday discount

Oculus Rift at its lowest price yet with holiday discount

Since Oculus decided to start lowering the price of the Oculus Rift a few months back, the hardware has been selling well gaining on the HTC Vive. Today Oculus announced another limited time discount taking the VR kot down to its lowest price yet.

This special holiday promotion brings the price down to $379 (£369) making it slightly more affordable and there’s a also a winter sale on games running until 4 January. The discounted Rift package includes the following and it’s available on the Oculus website now.

  • Touch controllers.
  • Integrated 360° spatial audio for the most immersive experience possible
  • Two sensors (Pro Tip: Pick up a third sensor to unlock full room-scale potential)
  • Access to amazing games, creative tools, and more, including growing esports titles like The Unspoken and AAA arcade shooters like Robo Recall

They really should just chuck in a third sensor at this stage though for the full roomscale experience. To get the most out of VR you really need it.

Head to the Oculus site if this price is right.

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