Oculus Rift support now added to Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero (8)

One of Born Ready Games’ goals was to add support for the VR headset the Oculus Rift and today they have finally added support for the device to the space shooter Strike Suit Zero.

“Space was always going to be a perfect fit for Oculus, and we’re excited to bring the world of Strike Suit Zero to life with the Oculus Rift.” said James Brooksby, Born Ready Games CEO. “Perhaps the biggest task for us was adapting the UI and HUD for this new version of the game – relaying all the relevant information to the player without breaking the immersion.”

The chances of most players owning a RIFT are pretty slim but once the retail version of the VR device is launched the functionality could be more useful. The support has now been added to the Steam version of the game following a recent beta test period with Kickstarter backers.

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