Oculus Share – Oculus Rift ready games can now be self published and tried

Oculus Rift - working factory prototype (2)

Simpy called Oculus Share, a new site has popped up from the VR headset creators to get the word out on all the Oculus Rift supported games.

In a time when VR gas not exactly reached mass market penetration, Oculus are on the offensive by creating a platform for developers to share their VR ready content with with other Oculus users.Featuring different categories such as demos, mods, betas and alphas, the idea is to encourage the community to download, create and leave feedback on the numerous featured titles. You can even drop a few bucks into the hands of developers if you like what you see.

Submissions to the new site will initially be monitored to stop any VR boob or penis games appearing but the process will be streamlined according to Oculus.

If you have an Oculus then this new site is going to be essential when it comes to testing and trying out new games on your headset.

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