Oculus VR reveal the Oculus Rift 1080p HD prototype at E3

Oculus VR have had a tough couple of weeks following the tragic loss of Andrew Reisse but the show must go on and they have revealed the Oculus Rift 1080p HD.

A prototype of the souped-up version will now be doing the rounds with the Oculus team and the new headset demonstrates the full potential of VR in HD. The HD prototype increases the visible pixels by 2X which they say reduces the “screen-door effect seen in the development kit”.

Oculus do point out that this 1080p prototype is not a product and isn’t necessarily the display resolution they will use in the final consumer version. It’s quite simply an improved headset to demonstrate what’s possible.

It’s worth noting that HD is one of the improvements they are developing for the consumer version and prototypes will continue to be developed.

The small shot released below does actually illustrate the differences between the current developer’s version and the 1080p prototype rather well.

A screenshot of Epic Citadel (Unreal Engine 3) in the 720p development kit (left) and in the 1080p prototype (right).

Oculus Rift

You can read more about other developments such as VR cinema in a new update from the Oculus team.

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