Mohawk’s Offworld Trading Company has implemented Steam Workshop support today, opening the intergalactic stock exchange title up to user-created mods. The announcement states that xml data edits are possible, as well as mods coded in C#.

Jason Winokur, the guy in charge of mod support for Mohawk, has put together a series of three videos as an introduction to Offworld Trading Company modding. The intro to that series can be seen below.

Here’s a list of what’s now possible with the Steam Workshop support integration. There won’t be much available on there just yet (since it’s only just been made possible), but given time the title should get some interesting additions.

  • Modding xml data for buildings, units, resources, and more
  • Writing your own C# code that can execute alongside the game’s code
  • Accessing Steam Workshop easily through the game
  • Easy access to your work with a new “Mods” screen on the Start menu
  • Downloading other game mods from around the world

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