offworld trading company

The Soren Johnson (Civilization IV) helmed strategic economy-focused title Offworld Trading Company will be released on 28 April. Currently in Early Access, the game puts you in charge of an investment company trying to get filthy rich by exploiting the resources of Mars (no word on whether you can hide half the profits in Martian-Panama).

At the heart of the game is a player-driven market, which fluctuates according to player purchases and sales. The materials include the very food and water colonists require to survive, and offworld markets allow for the buying out of rival companies. For the more underhand trader, the black market provides access to pirates and hackers to disrupt the flow of trade.

“All of the feedback we’ve received from fans during our development process has been great,” Johnson says. “We used it to refine and polish [Offworld Trading Company]. We’re really excited to share it with everyone.”

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