Okami HD brings the game to PC for the first time

Okami HD brings the game to PC for the first time

Clover Studio’s Okami is getting an ‘HD’ edition that will bring the title to PC for the first time. Originally a PlayStation 2 release (2006), Okami has found its way to other platforms (Wii, PS3) over the years. Now it’s including the PC on that list.

The brush and ink art style graphics are getting an update for higher resolutions, so Okami HD will support 4K (assuming your PC can handle that). You’ll also be able to choose between the original 4:3 aspect ratio, or a new widescreen format. In addition, they’re incorporating the loading screen mini-games that would award demon fang currency. Hopefully the PC version doesn’t negate that by just loading too quickly.

In Okami HD, you take the role of Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu. She’s transferred herself into the white wolf Geralt of Riv … no, hang on, Shiranui, in order to defeat the eight-headed demon Orochi. You’ll need to use your items, magical attacks, and Celestial Brush techniques to triumph. Plus a bit of third-person platforming.

Here’s a trailer. Okami HD will be released on 12 December, for $20 USD.

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    • samplerico

      Is it worthy? ive heard lot of good things about this game, but i skiped the PS2 version back then, and its been like 11 years or so….

      • https://www.pcinvasion.com Peter Parrish

        Like you, I’ve not played it on the original platform(s) – but heard pretty much all good things.

      • Lumi

        I tried it a bit on a friends wii and it has something of a shadow of the colossus, or Ico feel to it, if you know those. It’s a gameplay that has quite aged and you wouldn’t find in modern games as it’s quite slow paced and boring at times, but the universe is charming and draws you in so I’ll pick it up in a sale to finish it at some point.

        • samplerico

          Sounds good to me. Fast paced games can be fun but most modern games are just empty pretty bottles. I can enjoy a good old japanese game.

          • Lumi

            I don’t think it is Japanese, but only the style is.

      • 007thGuest

        On a very base level, quite like Zelda, for better and worse.
        Can feel quite slow, long dialogues and such.

        But it is also full of charm, atmosphere, great characters and stories.
        Combat is “Platinum before Platinum”, simple to get into, but with great little details like the various divine weapons, combos and the brush techniques giving it that extra feeling of strategy and “flashyness”.

        I hope you and everyone else that didn’t experience it back in the day to have the greatest time I had when I got it. It is a wonderful, wonderful game. 🙂