Mixed news for the PC version of Okami HD, as Capcom confirm what sounds like decent mouse support (yay) but also a 30fps cap (boo). Those confirmations come from Capcom community fellow ‘WBacon’.

You can see an image of his post below. I’ve been unable to source exactly where that image is from (looks like a forum of some sort), but the details in it are accurate. He’s posted elsewhere in confirmation of the game being 30fps.

Back to the better news for a second, though. Okami HD will support keyboard and mouse for “in-game” traversal, and you’ll be able to use the mouse to draw things with the celestial brush. Touchpads and Steam controller trackpads will be supported there too. Menus, however, will be keyboard controlled.

According to this account, Capcom did try to get Okami HD running at 60fps but it’s one of those older games where “game logic, collision detection, and anim[ation] speed” start going wrong if you push it beyond 30. The post states Capcom are working with PS3 legacy code. A useful comparison can be found in Durante’s account of trying to get Little King’s Story running at 60fps on PC.

Okami HD comes out on 12 December.

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