Foul Shadowhunter Boss Guide Once Human
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Once Human Foul Shadowhunter Great One walkthrough and boss guide

Run and gun.

The Foul Shadowhunter Great One is probably the first boss you will come up against in Once Human. You’ll be forgiven for having a few problems with it, especially if you’re underpowered. Here is the easiest way to beat it.

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How to beat Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human

Before you begin to take down this Once Human boss, you will first need to get its coordinates and unlock the Great Rift associated with it. This can be done by collecting Greed Realm Coordinates.

You will find them around the map by completing the mission in Coastside Plaza or through various chests and hidden areas. If you’re looking for a tougher boss fight, then it’s probably time to seek out Rabizex.

Where to find Foul Shadowhunter Great One

Once you have two Greed Realm Coordinates, head to the Great Rift associated with the Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human. The Great Rift is located in the Dayton Wetlands and is called The Monolith of Greed. You can find it in the north-west of the area.

Foul Shadowhunter Location once human
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Once you have collected together the required materials, head over to the Monolith Of Greed and make your way inside. Here, you will find a huge glowing red rift that must be activated. At this point, you can choose what difficulty you would like to play at and with who you would like to team up.

If you are close to the recommended level of 7, I would suggest teaming up with at least one other person to defeat the Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human. Once you have picked your team and loaded in, get ready to fight.

When fighting the Foul Shadowhunter, there are a number of approaches you can take. Either way, I suggest weapons that can do high damage quickly. Both the damage stage and defense stage are brief, and dropping both the ADS health and the Foul Shadowhunters is a priority. Try to collect the highest-level weapons you can before starting the fight.

Long-range weapons aren’t going to be much use here. The arena to fight in isn’t so big. I would suggest a combination of a Shotgun and a Rifle of some kind, be it fully automatic or semi-automatic. It just needs to be effective and accurate at mid-range. Melee is also a very valid approach to this close-range fight.

At this point, I don’t expect you will have picked up many Deviants. However, if you have one that has attack capabilities, this would be a great choice. However, the Foul Shadowhunter is really your first step into Deviants in Once Human, so don’t worry too much.

Best strategy to beat Foul Shadowhunter Great One in Once Human

The real secret to this battle is patience. The stages of the Foul Shadowhunter are easy to read, but if you attack at the wrong time, you’ll quickly end up overwhelmed and in trouble. The fight can be broken down into two stages.

Damage Stage

At this stage, the Foul Shadowhunter will focus fire on you with its Gattling Gun. However, it will often overheat. Simply hide behind one of the many pieces of cover in the arena and wait until it drops its weapon. Then, peek from the cover and focus all your fire on the Gattling Gun, not the Foul Shadowhunter. You’re trying to break the gun at this stage.

Foul Shadowhunter Boss Guide Once Human (4)
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During this stage, the boss will use two other attacks along with its gun. These are the mortar strike and the glue attack. Both of these can be avoided by staying in cover. This is where patience is key. When it is about to do the mortar strike, the gun will change to an RPG. Wait until it fires, and move to the next cover.

Once you have dropped the Gattling Gun health to zero, it will fall and the Foul Shadowhunter will be staggered. Take this opportunity to pick up the gattling gun and unload it into the boss in Once Human.

The weak spot is the head, so waste no time and unload as many bullets as you can into this point. You should have enough time to drop its health low enough to reach the next stage. The Foul Shadowhunter will teleport to the back of the arena.

There are barrels around the map. However, resist picking them up and throwing them at this stage. They’re perfect to finish the fight.

Defense stage

This can be a very quick stage if you’re fast enough. Be aware of the glue spots on the ground dropped by the boss and locate the spawn pods dropped around the outside of the arena. Use a close-range weapon to destroy these as fast as possible before enemies spawn.

Kill any enemies that do appear, and their spawn pods too. Once you have wiped these out, it will be time to face the damage phase again. With each cycle, the Foul Shadowhunter will become more aggressive in Once Human, forcing you to move cover more often. Take your time, and wait for the Gattling Gun cooldown. Now is the time to use them barrels to finish the Foul Shadowhunter.

Foul Shadowhunter Boss Guide Once Human
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Shadowhunter rewards: Should you secure or destroy?

Once you have repeated the cycle and killed the Once Human boss, head to the glowing area in the middle of the arena to collect your rewards. There are two options. You can either Secure or Destroy. Secure will get you the most amount of rewards.

These rewards will be weapons, weapon mods, Energy Links, and a good amount of Stardust. If this is your first time defeating the Foul Shadowhunter in Once Human, make sure you collect the floating orb next to the treasure chest. This will give you that all-important biogel.

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