There will be only one shared unit across the three classes for each faction on Command & Conquer 4.In our recent interview, we asked EA producer Jim Vessella for details on the units shared across the classes, to which he responded “There’s only one shared unit between all classes, and that’s the engineer,” despite early reports that there would be several.”All of the other units for each class are unique, and play into the gameplay of that class,” Vessella clarified. “The Crawlers themselves all have similarities in that they can all build the units, they all have a repair radius right now although that might change – but more importantly they all have unique upgrades.”The Crawlers, of course, are the mobile bases of C&C4 and unless you’re playing as the Defense class, they’re the only real structure you’ll have.For more information on what those upgrades might be, you’ll have to check back for our full interview with Vessella tomorrow, as well as our preview of the game itself. For now, you’ll have to content yourself with news on the lack of buddy AI and on the ultra-destructive superweapons.

Paul Younger
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