Onyxia Returns: WoW Patch 3.2.2 Goes Live

Blizzard has released the latest patch for the MMO, World of Warcraft, updating one of the game’s earliest raid encounters; Onyxia’s Lair.Patch 3.2.2 is now live on all realms and, in honour of WoW’s 5-year anniversary, the huge dragon Onyxia has been updated for end-game players. She now has a brand new loot table, and although the fight is said to retain its overall characteristics, some mechanics have been updated to pose more of a challenge for modern-day WoW.The patch also features various class, PvP, Profession, and Glyph changes, along with some bug fixes. Players should look out for a selection of new pets, one from Onyxia herself, as well as a very rare Onyxia brood flying mount.See the full details for patch 3.2.2 over on our WoW channel.

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