Ooblets Hot Air Balloon

In Ooblets, players can ride in a hot air balloon, but not until you fix it first. Gimble is the friendly pilot who resides in Badgetown and it is your responsibility to fix his balloon. Luckily, the hot air balloon is fairly easy to repair.

The challenge requires you to collect the materials that are needed to fix the balloon. Once you arrive in Badgetown, Mayor Tinstle will present you with a list of tasks to complete. In order to repair Gimble’s balloon, you will need to complete the first set of Mayor Tinstle’s tasks. These tasks include repairing your farm house, fixing the printypress, scanning your first Ooblet, and reconstituting all mystery cans. Then, you are required to restore power to the Oobnet tower.

How to repair Gimble’s hot air balloon

First, you will need to accept the quest from Gimble to begin repairing the balloon. This task will not be unfamiliar as the objective is to supply the correct materials to fix the balloon, which is similar to previous quests. The supplies needed to fix the hot air balloon are the following: 20 plankets, eight clothlets, 12 nurnies, and one oobdisian. Clothlets can be grown in your farm by planting clothplant seeds. Also, the other resources can be found around Badgetown, or by smashing logs and rocks. As the oobsidian is the rarest material needed for this quest, it may take you a little longer to find.

Ooblets Gimble's balloon

Once all of the materials have been collected and delivered, you will have to wait a full in-game day before the hot air balloon is repaired. Then, you can travel to Mamoonia and explore the area and what it has to offer. As Ooblets is still in Early Access, it is not known if Gimble’s balloon will be used to travel to other locations in the future.

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