F1 2013

I don’t think we have a Lotus image, so here’s a classic Williams instead.

Step inside my time machine, gentle readers, as we return to 1986. What shall we do while we’re here? Well, that’s actually a rhetorical question as my time machine is very limited in scope and can only permit the viewing of specific Formula One events from history. So there won’t be any altering of historical events or meeting yourself as a child, sorry.

Instead, you’ll get to watch another HOT LAP (I enjoy saying HOT LAP) from Codemasters’ F1 2013. This one is from Brands Hatch and features the 1986 Team Lotus 98T (one of the classic cars included in this year’s installment.)

F1 2013 is due out on 4 October, and if you want to read about my abortive attempts to be any good at it here is a preview. Otherwise, enjoy the video, below.

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