Operation Shadow Legacy Sees The Return Of Sam Fisher In Rainbow Six Siege (1)

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege will be getting more content, this time featuring a familiar face. A new Operation is coming to the tactical first-person shooter that sees the return of one of the company’s most recognizable visages. Yes, Sam Fisher is back for another adventure that is not Splinter CellRainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy will see Fisher join the ranks of the Operators as an attacker. Fisher—aka Operator Zero—is the sole Operator in this new content drop.

“You should know better than to write me off,” Fisher says in his reveal trailer as the night vision lenses click on in their trademark green glow. “Consider this a teaching moment.”

The Man

Back in June, leaked gameplay for Fisher and Operation Shadow Legacy showed off his gadget. Essentially, it is a high-tech camera bolt that can burrow through soft walls, allowing for more vision on the battlefield. It is likely to be a good damage dealer as well. Having a bolt stuck through your head tends to kill, after all. This makes Sam Fisher a wonderful addition to Rainbow Six Siege. The potential to survey an area and harass your foes is always welcomed.

According to the description on the Siege website, Fisher’s gadget offers “a flexibility of movement and behavior that can be used on the offensive as well as preparation for the defensive that is well suited to his inclination to take advantage of any situation.”

Operation Shadow Legacy Sees The Return Of Sam Fisher In Rainbow Six Siege (2)

In fact, if we were to examine the language used in his introduction post, Fisher might not be the only famous face joining Rainbow Six Siege. After Operation Shadow Legacy, there might be other cameos to look forward to. “As he’s coming in as the first member of the Rainbow Operational Staff (ROS), I’m curious and cautious of the changes he’ll bring to our organization,” the post elaborated.

Who else might complement the Rainbow Operational Staff? That remains a mystery, but for now, I am glad to see Sam Fisher back again. Cue the cries for a new Splinter Cell game.

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