The Walking Dead Episode 3 Long Road Ahead (3)

Oh great, now I’m going to have to start spurting water out of my vision-holes again.

Ok chaps, there might end up being spoilers for Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead in this post. It’s a little tricky to write about information regarding the second season without referring to events in the first, so consider this a fair warning. Has everybody who doesn’t want to be spoiled on certain aspects of Season One clicked the back button yet? Right. Good.

The snuffling newshounds at IGN have had word from (or may actually have been present at) Telltale’s ComicCon panel in San Diego that everybody’s favourite young haircut recipient Clementine will be back for Season Two. At the end of Season One, of course, she’d had to head off on her own and towards an uncertain future. According to Telltale, she will “definitely be a part of” the next set of episodes.

That doesn’t exactly spell out how large her role will be, mind you. It could be as simple as cameo, or as extensive as a playable character.

In addition to Clem-news, Telltale apparently made a cryptic remark about the fate of Kenny being “explored.” To be quite honest, I didn’t imagine there’d be much to “explore” about Kenny’s fate other than how many of his vital organs were scattered all over the alleyway he died (OR DID HE?) in. Guess I’d have been wrong on that score. Again though, that wording is vague enough to allow for the fact that he may, indeed, be deceased.

As far as we know, The Walking Dead’s Season Two will release its first episode towards the end of this year.

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