Orcs Must Die! Revealed By Robot Entertainment

Robot Entertainment seem to have gone to the same game-naming design class as Demiurge (makers of ‘Shoot Many Robots,’) and are eager to inform us that Orcs Must Die!
But what if I like Orcs, you ask? Well, then, you probably won’t have much fun playing this as the aim seems to be to skewer, slice and crush as many of the poor guys as possible. Graphically, it seems to be the previously-unknown child of Torchlight and World of Warcraft, but I’m pleased to see that there’s at least a touch of Dark Messiah to the game itself – watch out for the giant log rolling down the stairs in the trailer below.
Orcs Must Die! is due on PC and ‘consoles’ (which we’ll assume for now means PS3 and Xbox 360) as a digital download. No release date is mentioned as yet.

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