Origin accounts seeing unauthorised purchases – Best check yours is safe


Reports are flooding of unauthorised purchases on Origin accounts. Is yours safe?

Earlier this month there were a few reports of Origin accounts being hacked and unauthorised purchases being made and this appears to have escalated over the past 48 hours with mass purchases of games such as FIFA 15.

In light of the problems it would be a good idea to check your account is safe and change the password on the account. Origin’s support team is trying to handle the influx of queries but not everyone is getting through so just make sure your account has not been hit and set up another step with authentication such as email or SMS via your settings page if you’re really concerned about the safety of your account.

Nothing worse than finding stuff on the credit card you never purchased at this time of year but if it’s being done on a credit card chances are the credit card company can put a stop to it and no money will be lost. Origin can also refund the cash assuming it looks like an unauthorised transaction, and considering this is happening to a lot of people, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get the card number removed.

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