Happy 10th anniversary, Battlefield 1942. How many hapless virtual soldiers have fallen on your 3D fields of blood? Countless amounts, I’d imagine; and that number will only increase now that EA has decided to give the game away for free through its digital download service, Origin.

    Look at the fear in the eyes of the soldier above. Look at it. Ahem … sorry.

    Is this a way of getting more people onto Origin? Yes, of course it is. Is Battlefield 1942 a great game with a still-active multiplayer community? Again, yes.

    You’ll need to get Origin installed (or simply fire it up) if you want to grab this. Apparently it’s just the base game, so don’t expect any expansions to be present. Oh, and I’ve heard that if you have trouble finding where to download it inside Origin, look under the ‘demos’ section.

    Why? I really have no idea.

    Peter Parrish

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