Epic has been releasing new heroes every three weeks for their MOBA Paragon but they are now looking at reworking some of the original heroes.

According to Epic some of the older heroes have not had any major reworks other than some number tweaking here and there. The plan now is to go back and address issues with some of the heroes that have seen less love since new heroes joined the roster. This includes making passive abilities feel more interactive with animations.

Heroes that they mention will be ready in the patch .44 patch with a rework include Gideon, the mage caster. What they are doing with him is reworking his ultimate which they say has “design flaws”.  Right now it’s easy to take him out mid-air during mid to late game. The radius of Blackhole has been reduced but now it will stun players but note the damage has been reduced slightly and the cooldown has been increased. The meteor from the sky will also have a larger radius but with less damage. However, it will have a slow effect on players. Burden has also been replaced with a new meteor which is thrown horizontally.

The next hero to make it into .44 with a rework is Grux the tank/jungler. According to Epic he is one of the heroes that is showing his age where he wasn’t really filling the role of a full tank or jungler. Double Pain now gets bonus damage and double percentage of his basic attacks and has a longer cooldown. Dash is now shorter distance but comes with an uppercut punch which has been added to the ability. His new ultimate comes with a load of bonus damage and he unleashes a huge roar. He also doesn’t have any “inherent survivability”. Apparently, he’s great on towers late game.

These are just two of the changes that are coming in .44 but more reworked heroes will launch with the update.

Paragon is at a weird stage of development right now. This week Epic disabled the replays due to some bug which has also crippled the Paragon API so third-party sites can no longer gather stat tracking data. The matchmaking rework has still to be added which is a major problem for players still. Also, due to the replays also being disabled and stats not be tracked on other sites we have seen more players going AFK or intentionally sabotaging games which has proved very annoying.

Epic is doing the right thing though by looking at some of the older heroes which feel a little inadequate before releasing new heroes into the game. We’re looking forward to hearing about more of the .44 hero changes next week.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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