That sounds like a pretty unhealthy work ethic.

In the latest update to backers of Wasteland 2, inXile’s Chris Keenan notes that the original Wasteland game from 1988 will be getting a separate release through both GOG and Steam. This is in addition to the original plan to give all backers of Wasteland 2 access to the first game through the sequel’s main menu.

Keenan says a “new deal” has been agreed with EA (the publishers of the firstĀ Wasteland) which means backers will get a free, stand-alone copy prior to Wasteland 2’s delayed release. It’s not entirely clear if backers will also still be able to play it through Wasteland 2’sĀ menu once the sequel comes out, but I suppose that’s of less relevance now. Keenan adds that the team has made sure the original “runs on modern machines.”

No price is mentioned for either GOG or Steam, nor a release date. The tone of the update suggests it’s not far off, but the only definite information is that it’ll be available before Wasteland 2 comes out.

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