OSVR has released their HDK, and laid out their OSVR development roadmap.

    These are some statements from signatories in the alliance:

    Michael Lee, Razer VP of software:

    With the release of the OSVR development roadmap, the process for creating new VR hardware and software on the platform can be accelerated significantly.

    Sensics CEO Yuval Boger:

    OSVR offers variety and choice in peripherals, programming models and now hardware designs, all fueled by our diverse partner base and the ingenuity in the open-source community. We look forward to working with the community to provide additional game engine plugins, hardware interfaces, and intelligent real-time analysis capabilities.

    They have also received new supporters in 3rd Planet, About Face VR, Aurora Gaming, CSRV, Kinoki360, Media Ventures, Sparc Interactive, TwoBigEars, and Vertigo Games, VirtualRealPorn, and Zero LatencyVR, alongside seven more universities.

    You can learn more about OSVR on their official site.

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