Othercide Soulsinger Class Skills Guide Best Skills

The Soulsinger is the only ranged class in Othercide. Other than firing dual pistols, it can also cast buffs that can boost the capabilities of other Daughters. Here’s our Soulsinger class and skills guide to help you out.

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Othercide: Soulsinger class – Ideal skill picks

The Soulsinger starts with Shot and Intercepting Round. The former is a three-hit blast from up to five tiles away. Meanwhile, the latter cancels out an enemy’s attempt to attack an ally (while shooting them in return); it’s also got an unlimited range.

Level 1: Shadow Round vs. Wrathful Rain

Otc Cls Ssng 1

The Soulsinger already has one of the best interrupting/reaction skills in the game — Intercepting Round. Now, imagine what happens if she can also shoot an enemy that’s being damaged by an ally. That’s what you get if you pick Shadow Round, so feel free to ignore Wrathful Ruin.

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Level 5: Spirit Haste vs. Projected Force

Otc Cls Ssng 2

Spirit Haste is the clear-cut choice here. It’s primarily what will cause you to proc the other reaction skills from the Blademaster and Shieldbearer classes. Heck, you can even use it to boost the initiative (turn time) of a Scythedancer so she can destroy every enemy on the map more often.

Level 10: Spirit Burst vs. Detonating Shot

Otc Cls Ssng 3

Spirit Burst an AoE buff, which is nice. Unfortunately, you’ll find your teammates often scattered around when doing Othercide‘s missions, except maybe Rescue/VIP ones. Detonating Shot, however, could be more useful in a pinch.

Level 15: Spirit Round vs. Hail of Shards

If you want to just outright nuke bosses and tougher hostiles, then Spirit Round is the ideal pick here. That 100% bonus to team-wide damage is nothing to scoff at. If other Daughters gain boosts to their initiative, they can even take their turn a couple of times before the buff expires.

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Soulsinger class: Memory/mod choices

As for the memories or mods you find in Othercide, I chose the ones that add a flat amount of damage. This is because the Soulsinger’s main attack — Shot — fires thrice. If you attach these kinds of mods, each shot is actually boosted. Later, once you’ve leveled up a bit, give armor-reducing, rooting/immobilizing, or initiative delaying memories to your Soulsingers’ reaction skills (ie. Intercepting Round and Shadow Round).

Anyway, examples of additive-damage memories include:

  • Rush – +50 damage
  • Defiance – +100 damage

Regarding the Soulsinger’s support abilities, mods that provide extra initiative, defense, or damage are great choices too:

  • Loop – +200 armor; lasts 30 timeline initiative
  • Epicenter – +600 armor; lasts 30 timeline initiative
  • Retreat – +800 armor; lasts 30 timeline initiative
  • Merge – +60% increased damage; lasts 30 timeline initiative
  • Weight – target acts 10 timeline initiative sooner
  • Treasure – target acts 15 timeline initiative sooner

Othercide Soulsinger Class Skills Guide Best Skills 3

Othercide is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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