June 20th, 2017

Outlast 2 is coming – Red Barrels creating a game they’re “scared to play”

Outlast 2

You thought the nightmare was over but think again.

Red Barrels has revealed in an interview that Outlast 2 is in development. Once again it’s a survival horror but this time there’s different characters and a new setting away from the Asylum.

There’s not much else on the new Outlast but it’s safe to say the development team are wanting to scare your pants off again. Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Mori added

“We really want to keep on improving our craft, but ultimately we’ll approach things the same way we did with the first game, which was to make a game we’re scared to play ourselves and trust our instinct.”

Mori also mentions that they may return to the Asylum “one day” although that sounds like it could be a long way off, if it ever happens at all. Outlast has been a hit for Red Barrels and it’s likely Outlast 2 will prove just as popular thanks to the Youtube videos.

One of my favourite IncGamers videos we put up in the last year involves Tim playing Outlast. His reactions really made me laugh because he hates horror games. Worth a watch if you missed them.

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