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We are indeed entering a highly anticipated period of gaming news and reveals, with the next generation of consoles gearing up for launch. That would also mean plenty of games getting the spotlight to build up the hype. Following the announcement of the Outriders Broadcast, a monthly series that focuses on Square Enix and People Can Fly’s Outriders, we finally saw new gameplay footage as part of the first episode.

First City, first gameplay

The First City gameplay reveals provided a deeper look into the many systems in the game. This included information on how Outriders‘ classes, enemies, the World Tier system, the environments, and more come together.

The aftermath of a nuclear explosion has left the surroundings of the First City scorched and bereft of life. It is here where we meet our first enemies. A swarm of creatures that look like the Zerg from StarCraft has taken over the city, and their overwhelming numbers can be a problem. The Pyromancer, one of four classes players can choose from, makes short work of the swarm, even as they keep coming.

The gameplay certainly places more emphasis on the action. With eight abilities per class, there is plenty of experimentation to be had. Outriders also allow players to customize the user interface. From damage numbers to life bars, you will get to decide how the real estate on your screen appears.

Constant challenge

Outriders Broadcast Shows Off Shooter's Rpg Gameplay In First Episode (3)

The World Tier difficulty system allows you to tweak the Outriders experience on the fly. Beginning at World Tier 01, you will make your way up 15 levels. This is achieved by accumulating World Tier experience, which is earned by playing at the highest available tier. Enemies are stronger, but the loot gets better as well.

However, should you perish, you will lose a percentage of the experience earned. Adding more players into the mix will also scale the difficulty accordingly, so the challenge remains. In addition, each time you gain access to a new World Tier, Outriders will reward you with materials, gear, or both.

Keeping players updated

For those interested in the lore of Outriders, everything can be found in-game. As you learn more about the world as you progress, you can always refer to information through the game’s menu. It is a not-so-subtle dig at another sci-fi shooter, which Outriders clearly view as competition.

The full episode of the Outriders Broadcast is much more comprehensive, and you can learn more by watching the video below.

“We are making the game we always wanted to play,” said Bartek Kmita, creative director of Outriders at People Can Fly. “The team at PCF are all gamers and we love shooters. Shooters are in our DNA and we have been making them for decades. At the same time, we also love RPGs. We always wanted to play a deep RPG, with an epic story and the flexibility to create lots of interesting character builds, but we also wanted a skill-based, challenging and intense real-time combat system in our RPG. When the opportunity to create it ourselves came along, it was like a dream come true.”

Outriders Broadcast Shows Off Shooter's Rpg Gameplay In First Episode (2)

More about Outriders will be shared when another episode airs in June. Look out for the game when it launches on PC as well as current and next-generation consoles in holiday 2020.

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