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Outriders is finally out, bringing with it tens of hours of shooting action. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, so we’ve put together a handy hub for all of our guides and features to get you started on the right path. If it’s not listed on here, it’s probably not important. ‘Nuff said. We’ve got a review, an opinion piece on shotguns, as well as general tips and boss guides.

On top of that, we’ve got some important pointers in regards to getting the most out of endgame.


Review and features

Official review – Exactly what it sounds like.

Outriders still has a giant problems with shotgun drops and ammo – Here, we examine the game’s problem with how it handles specific weapon drops and the amount of ammo that shotguns can carry.

General tips

Quick tips to get new Altered on the path to glory – These are the most general of our tips. We mostly focused on things here and there that new players might not be aware of. If it’s not mentioned in any of the other guides, you’ll likely find it out here.

Is it better to sell or disassemble your unneeded equipment? – We take a look at the pros and cons and selling and disassembling the vast amounts of loot that Outriders throws your way.

Outriders Epic Legendary Item Titanium Farming Guide Best Farming Locations 2b

Equipment crafting — Everything you need to know – This focuses on crafting and nothing but. It’s a breakdown of the options available to you and what you’ll need to use them all.

Gear rarity and mods — Everything you need to know – Here we go into the different types of gear rarities, as well as what mods are and how they work, including some personal tips on how to get the most out of them.

World Tiers and leveling guide — Tips and tricks for progression – We explain the ins and outs of the World Tier system, along with what each individual tier means and how that’ll affect your looting experience.

Trickster class guide: The best skills, perks, and builds – We take a deep look at the Trickster class, including builds and what all the skills do. This is our only one of these because both people covering the game chose the exact same build independently of one another. Funny how that happens.

Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1b

Boss guides

How to defeat Gauss at the Solar Tower – Gauss is an early enemy, but new players will learn a lot from him. This guide is to help people get up to speed with how elite enemies are best fought.

How to defeat the Molten Acari – The first normal boss battle in Outriders. It has multiple phases, so we break down down all of his moves and what to keep in mind for an easier victory.

How to defeat the Chrysaloid – The second boss has fewer phases than the first, but he’s more dangerous due to some attacks that you need to be ready for. If you’re having problems, take a look and maybe we can help.

How to defeat the final boss – The last boss in Outriders is the toughest one yet. He’s got a lot of fierce attacks that can be hard to avoid, so it’s very helpful to have an idea regarding how to mitigate any and all attacks. If you can.

Outriders Boss Guide Molten Acari How To Defeat Molten Acari Boss

Endgame and farming

Expeditions guide — Endgame rewards, Drop Pod Resources, and more – This focuses on the game’s Expeditions, and specifically on what you’ll have to do to get all that sweet endgame loot into your hands.

Legendary weapons and tier 3 mods guide – Legendaries will start popping up a hell of a lot more during endgame, as will tier 3 mods, so check this guide out if you want to get the lowdown on what opens up at the end.

Monster Hunts and Wanted Bounties farming guide – Did you know that you can use the repeatable sidequests in Outriders to repeatedly farm for gear? Well, you do now! This guide explains how.

Epic and legendary farming guide — The best farming spots – Exactly what it says. This guide will clue you into the best farming spots for the best gear you can find in Outriders.

Outriders Expedition Endgame Guide Eye Of The Storm Archways Of Enoch Drop Pod Resources 1a

There’s a lot to see, as Outriders is a big game, so it might take you a while to read through all of the above. Better get started.

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