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The basics: Epics and legendary item farm in Outriders

Let’s talk about the basic concepts when it comes to epic and legendary farming runs in Outriders.


First, take note of how World Tier affects the loot you get. As mentioned in our World Tier/progression guide, higher World Tiers increase the level of enemies, the level of item drops, item rarity, and the chance that drops will turn out to be legendaries.

With regards to the levels, these are completely based on your character’s current level. For instance, if your character is level 25 and doing World Tier 10 (+7 enemy/item level), then you can expect level 32 enemy mobs/item drops. However, once you’ve hit the level 30 cap for your character and you’re still playing at World Tier 10, then the hostiles/item drops will be level 37.

Here’s the gist:

  • When completing the campaign and leveling your character, just pick a lower World Tier (i.e., World Tier 5) to make things more manageable.
  • When farming epics and legendaries, always switch to your highest possible World Tier to get higher-leveled drops. Likewise, it’s also better for you to hit level 30 first if you’re serious about gathering gear pieces.

Otrd Frmloc Ep Lgd 1a

What about resources/currencies?

As mentioned in our crafting guide and dismantling guide for Outriders, there are several resources for you to take note of:

  • Scrap – This is the most basic resource and you can think of it as similar to gold. It’s used to purchase items from vendor NPCs. You can get more scrap by selling your items or as drops from enemies/chests.
  • Leather – This is used to change the mods of armor pieces. It’s often dropped by animal-type mobs or when you dismantle armor.
  • Iron – This is used to change the mods of weapons. You’ll amass more iron by mining nodes on the map and when you dismantle weapons.
  • Shards – The currency is used to increase the attributes of items. You’ll obtain shards by dismantling just about anything, really.
  • Titanium – This resource is used to increase an item’s rarity (only up to epic/purple rarity) and to level up an item. This is great if, say, you found a decent gear piece and you want to continue boosting its level for endgame content. Titanium is dropped by elite-type enemies and bosses, and you’ll also get some if you dismantle epics. You can also exchange for it by talking to Bailey and selling unwanted scrap.
  • Drop Pod Resources – The currency is part of the Expeditions endgame loop.

Here are some general tips about resources:

  • Dismantle gear pieces for shards, and also for any mods that you can unlock. Rare/blue items have one type of mod (usually tier 1). Epic/purple items, meanwhile, have two mods (usually a combination of tier 1 and tier 2 mods). Lastly, legendary/gold items have two mods still (usually a tier 2 mod and a tier 3 mod).
  • The rarest types of mods are tier 3, which means you’ll end up dismantling legendaries, too, but only if you want to add specific mods to the crafting pool.
  • If you need scrap, just start selling any green/blue items you obtain. Epics are primarily for dismantling since you’d get both titanium and shards.
  • If you discover a legendary or epic that has amazing rolls (and you wish to keep this item), you can use your excess titanium to level it up to max to make it viable for later content.

Otrd Frmloc Ep Lgd 1b

Weapons and mods for farming

Ideally, I would go with an automatic shotgun with either “Bone Shrapnel” or “Minefield” (heck, you can even get both if you had a lucky roll). The reason for this is because of the ridiculous burst DPS from auto shotties which makes them perfect for clearing dozens of Perforo-type mobs or single-target damage (such as captains/elites).

Alternatively, an automatic weapon (i.e., auto rifle, light machine gun, or double gun) with weapon life leech as a perk, and maybe “Essence Thief” as a mod, would be good against regular human opponents. Since you’re getting shot, you might as well regenerate some HP while you’re fighting back.

Anyway, since I’ve already mentioned the Perforo, let’s talk about the early-game farming spot in The First City.

Otrd Frmloc Ep Lgd 1c

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