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Deadrock Pass and Nature’s Call sidequest

After reaching the Deadrock Pass zone, you’ll be able to do a sidequest called Nature’s Call. It offers a decent spot to farm items in Outriders.


Story Point: Deadrock Pass – Explore the area and depart when ready. (Warning: Crashes incoming.)

To start the Nature’s Call sidequest, you’ll need to interact with the radio in the camp. However, before you do this, you must first open the doorway going to the Forestry Track area. If you’ve already picked up the quest before opening the doorway, then the game could constantly freeze whenever you attempt to do so.

Now, if you don’t have the sidequest yet, you can go ahead and open the doorway to the Forestry Track. But, it’s also possible for your game to crash over and over.

Workaround: Instead of running or sprinting towards the door, just walk. You can open your menu and add a keybind for walking. If you walk to the door and open it, you should be able to avoid crashes.

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Let’s say that everything’s going well and you’ve reached the area where the sidequest’s supposed to take place. You’ll see a lumberjack that’s been trapped and you need to kill several Perforo. Once you activate the generator, more mobs will spawn. There are around four Alpha Perforos here, and they’re guaranteed to drop rare/blue items or better. Plus, with so many other Perforo creatures, they might also drop decent loot.

Once everything’s dead, talk to the lumberjack to pick up your reward. If you return to the camp, you can interact with the radio again to redo the sidequest.

Okay, let’s discuss farming the Warlord that you meet in the Dunes chapter.

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