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The Dunes: Farming the Warlord

If you’ve progressed further in Outriders’ campaign, you can battle a Warlord who can sometimes drop legendary items.


Story point: Dunes – Find the source of the distant light.

For this one, you’re going to want to be at the highest possible World Tier, and bring an automatic shotgun with you. The Warlord is a tough opponent, and it’s going to take a lot of shots to bring it down.

Now, I’m not familiar with how other classes will go about things. But, as a Trickster, I’d pop “Slow Trap,” then blast the Warlord with shotgun shells. When my clip’s almost empty, I’d use “Twisted Rounds” to replenish my ammo (that’s been infused with deadlier damage).

Outriders Epic Legendary Item Titanium Farming Guide Best Farming Locations Dunes

Since the Warlord is an elite/captain, it’s guaranteed to drop rares, epics, and, if you’re lucky, a legendary item (seen above). Likewise, you’ll often receive four to eight pieces of titanium from your kills. Make sure to set your “Auto Loot” threshold correctly, and die to the mobs so that the items get picked up. When you respawn, you’ll be at the same area, with your skills off-cooldown, ready to take out the Warlord once more.

If you want to see how it goes, you can watch the video below from YouTuber DPJ:

Anyway, let’s discuss taking out some bosses to get loot in Outriders.

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