Outriders boss guide: How to defeat the Molten Acari

Outriders Boss Guide Molten Acari How To Defeat Molten Acari Boss

Some people hate lava, and some people hate spiders. So, how much would you dislike gigantic arachnid that spews liquid fire? The Molten Acari is a boss you’ll face in the Eagle Peaks zone of Outriders. This is a three-phase encounter and you’ll want to be extra careful (failing even during the final phase will have you restart from the very beginning of the fight). Here’s our Outriders boss guide to help you defeat the Molten Acari.

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Outriders boss guide: How to defeat the Molten Acari

The Molten Acari’s abilities

For the first phase, the Molten Acari has the following attacks:

  • Lunging Bite – A regular melee attack that does high damage.
  • Leaping Smash – The giant spider will crash down on the ground (a blue circle will denote where it’ll land). There’s also a variant with blue lines emanating from the central point since this is where lava will spew forth.
  • Dash and Wall Climb – A blue line will appear. This is the direction where the boss will move towards, bulldozing anything in its path. It’ll then climb on the walls, shooting out eggs that’ll explode on contact.

Note: Shoot the boss’ back to crack open its shell and deal more damage.

Outriders Boss Guide Molten Acari How To Defeat Molten Acari Boss 1

After taking out the first segment of its health bar, there will be a short cutscene. The Molten Acari boss will disappear, but it’ll later pop back up from the pool of lava. It’ll retain the same abilities as before, with some caveats:

  • Egg Toss – Even though it’s not Easter Sunday yet, the Molten Acari will still toss out eggs while it’s in the lava.
  • Flame Hoppers – Spiderlings will spawn around the arena. They’ll jump right at you and explode. Funnily enough, they actually heal you if you’re playing as the Trickster. The class has an innate perk that provides healing for enemies that get killed in close range, and a Flame Hopper explosion (which happens near you) will proc this healing effect.

Note: Flame Hoppers can be quickly killed with a few shots and they’d drop extra ammo. If they die from the suicide explosion, it seems they won’t give ammo anymore.

Outriders Boss Guide Molten Acari How To Defeat Molten Acari Boss 2

For the third and final phase, the Molten Acari will transform into a giant wyrm. The arena will be significantly smaller since some parts of it have collapsed. It has a couple of new abilities during this phase:

  • Spinning Flamethrower – The boss will spin around and flames will erupt from its sides. Make sure you sprint continuously while this is going on. Don’t even bother shooting, as getting torched by the fires will deplete your health significantly.
  • Flame Eruption – Lava will erupt from certain sections of the arena.

Note: The Molten Acari drops a lot of leather and titanium. If you want to amass a ton of resources for crafting, this is a good boss to farm.

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