Outriders Monster Hunt Wanted Bounties Wanted Bounty Farming Guide

Monster Hunts and Wanted Bounties are akin to sidequests that you can undertake in Outriders. By the names alone, you’ll know that these tasks require you to eliminate a particular target. Doing so is actually viable as you’ll be able to obtain epic and legendary gear. Here’s our guide to help you with Outriders‘ Monster Hunts and Wanted Bounties, and additional tips related to farming.

Note: Stay tuned for ourĀ Outriders guides and features hub, coming soon. We also encourage you to check out our World Tier/progression guide, Expeditions endgame guide, and epic/legendary farming guide as these are related to the whole looter shooter gameplay loop.


Outriders Monster Hunts and Wanted Bounties guide

Here’s the gist when it comes to Monster Hunts and Wanted Bounties in Outriders:

  • Monster Hunts – These have a monster paw icon. You can start this sidequest by going to that location on a map and interacting with the pile of bones.
  • Wanted Bounties – These have a crosshair icon. You start these by interacting with a wanted poster in the area.

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How to farm Monster Hunts in Outriders

Once you’ve interacted with the bone pile, go to the marked location to enter the side area. This will eventually lead you to the monster that you’re hunting. In some cases, you might need to eliminate mobs before you could destroy a barricade (i.e., Coldclaw in Eagle Peaks). In others, you’ll have to kill a few hostiles before the boss spawns (i.e., Splittooth in the Forest Enclave).

Now, if you do wish to speed things up, you can pick the Monster Hunt for the Wendigo in The Gate zone. This one simply has you running past every mob in the area until you reach the plaza where the Wendigo spawns. Pop all your cooldowns and nuke the boss immediately.

Note 1: Since Monster Hunt bosses tend to drop epics often, you’ll want to eliminate them and then die to the remaining mobs. If you get killed by the remaining enemies, it’ll restart the entire run and you’ll be able to kill the target again.

Note 2: Because farming Monster Hunts entails incurring a few deaths, you will lose some World Tier exp. You can either reach a higher World Tier where you’ve barely amassed exp (so the deductions won’t be too egregious) or go one level lower.

Note 3: Open the “Options -> Gameplay” panel and tweak the “Auto Loot Minimum Rarity” setting. Depending on the rarity you choose, your character will automatically obtain the loot on the ground in case of deaths.

Outriders Monster Hunt Wanted Bounties Wanted Bounty Farming Guide 1

What if I accidentally completed a Monster Hunt?

You should only complete a Monster Hunt (i.e, kill the boss and all enemies in the area) once you’ve (a) reached character level 30, and (b) reached a very high World Tier. Completion means you’ll have to turn in the Monster Hunt to Noah Dembele, an NPC in Trench Town. You do get rewards, but these are based on your character level and World Tier.

You can’t rerun them again unless you find a player who still hasn’t completed that Monster Hunt. Alternatively, you can finish all Monster Hunts in Outriders and speak to Noah to turn them in. This will give you the option to have “another hunting season” which refreshes all Monster Hunts once more.

So, take your pick:

  • Kill the boss -> die to mobs -> repeat until you’re happy with your loot.
  • Accidentally complete a hunt -> find a player who hasn’t completed it yet/complete everything else to allow reruns once more.

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How to farm Wanted Bounties in Outriders

Okay, this might disappoint you, but you technically can’t “farm” Wanted Bounties in Outriders. The reason for this is simple: when the bounty target dies, he/she will just kneel on the ground and you have to execute them. They don’t actually drop loot. Instead, the loot will come from Ujio, an NPC in Trench Town who’ll provide you with rewards.

So, what exactly will you farm while doing Wanted Bounties? Well, the most important mobs here are the ones with skull icons (i.e., elites). At higher World Tiers (i.e., WT10+), it’s possible for these guys to start dropping not just epics, but also legendaries. As such, you’ll simply go in, kill your foes with skull icons, and then wait to get blasted dead by the remaining hostiles. Like Monster Hunts, this will reset your run and you can eliminate the baddies once more to, hopefully, get epics and legendaries to drop.

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